The Family of Test Equipment for helicopters and aircraft avionics MRO

The NASKD-200 family of automated test equipment is developed and manufactured by BETA AIR company based on contemporary technologies for the use in process of aircraft and helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).

NASKD-200 allows to replace the outdated test benches and reduce operating costs for test equipment.

NASKD-200 complies to contemporary requirements to ground automated test equipment such as Russian standards GOST 18731-83, GOST 19919-74, OST 1 01154-87, OST 1 02553-85, OST 1 00242-89, OST 1 00356-85, GOST 19838-82 and international specifications such as ARINC 608A, ARINC 625, ARINC 668.

NASKD-200 has successfully passed the necessary testing and was included in the national list of measuring equipment.

With the purpose to fully cover testing tasks on avionics in MRO process, BETA AIR has developed the following NASKD-200 modifications:

  • NASKD-200MB – for workshop testing of avionics dismantled from aircraft or helicopter

  • NASKD-200PR – for testing of avionics on board the helicopter without dismantling.

For special needs of operators, BETA AIR developed other NASKD-200 modifications:


- Mobile workshop

The NASKD-200 family is combined by a typical system structure:

NASKD-200 can be used in process of the following activities:

- Maintenance

- Scheduled maintenance

- On-demand unscheduled maintenance

- Repair & Overhaul

- Incoming inspection in production, MRO and operation

- Fault isolation and troubleshooting

- Adjustment and tuning

NASKD-200 can be used for various types of helicopters and aircraft:

- Mil Mi-8, Mi-17, M-171, Mi-26

- Kamov Ka-32, Ka-226

- Ilyushin IL-76, Tupolev Tu-204, Beriev Be-200

- Boeing, Airbus

- and others.

NASKD-200 is capable of testing wide range of avionics:

- Flight and navigation equipment

- Aerometric instruments and air signal systems

- Radio communication equipment

- Radar equipment

- Display equipment

- Electrical equipment

- Light equipment

- Control units of:

- Power plant

- Anti-icing

- Fire-extinguishing

- Air conditioning

- Cabin pressure control

At present, NASKD-200 is capable of testing around 1000 items.

The NASKD-200MB and NASKD-200PR set allows to cover the majority of tasks of avionics testing both in workshop, and onboard. Scope of testing in workshop and onboard is prescribed by the OEM’s manuals.


Automated test equipment for workshop

NASKD-200MB consists of unified Test Station with Switching Matrix and Test Unit Adapters (TUA). Testing is controlled by Test Program Set (TPS). Units under test are connected with the test station through specialized test unit adapters which are developed for common-types groups of avionics items.

Test Station is unified automated testing and measuring equipment comprised of full set of measuring channels and generated signals placed in standard industrial rack working under control of central computer run by system and application software.

The Switching Matrix, Test Unit Adapters (TUA) and software (ProTest) are developed and manufactured by BETA AIR.

Due to the unification of the measuring part and the modularity of construction, the expansion of NASKD-200MB capability list for new types of aircraft is done by development of additional TUA’s and TPS’s.

Test Program Set (TPS) is a set of application software implementing testing for specific unit under test, jointly with the specific TUA.

Testing of items can be carried out both as a system assembly testing and as a unit-by-unit testing. Decision on which of these two testing categories (system assembly testing and unit-by-unit testing) should be applied is prescribed by Maintenance Schedule and Maintenance Manual for each specific item. Depending on the tasks to be done, the user may present individual technical requirements for testing procedures and for specific testing software.

Also, as NASKD-200 has wide diagnostics functionality, user’s personnel can perform fault isolation. Level of automated diagnostics is prescribed by the testing procedures and algorithms provided in OEM’s manuals and implemented in TPS’s.


Automated test equipment for onboard testing

NASKD-200PR is designed for avionics testing onboard, without dismantling.

NASKD-200PR is not to replace, but to supplement the NASKD-200MB system regarding the testing as prescribed by Maintenance Schedule and Maintenance Manual to be done on board the helicopter / aircraft.

The principle of construction and operation of NASKD-200PR is similar to those of the workshop NASKD-200MB system. The differences are in measuring and generating channels, as well as the constructive (compact) design of the modules.

NASKD-200PR is currently adapted for the Mi-8/17/171 helicopters.

Considering the technical unification, NASKD-200PR can be adapted for testing on board of any helicopter / aircraft type.

KPA-RSBN test equipment

KPA-RSBN test equipment is intended for simulating signals and monitoring the operability and functioning of navigation and landing systems via a radio channel with direct connection.

KPA-RSBN is used for testing, operation, maintenance and repair in airfield or on full-scale stand.

KPA-RSBN forms standardized and specific navigation signals that can be used for quality assessment of various radio navigation systems functioning.

KPA-RSBN is a measuring instrument as per Certificate RU.C.35.671.A №63054.