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The Family of NASKD-200 (ATE-200) Test Equipment

NASKD-200 (ATE-200) is the family of test equipment developed and manufactured by BETA AIR company for aircraft and helicopter avionics testing, serving as general solution for aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul.


can be used for various types of helicopters and aircraft:

Mi-8/17 Mi-171 Mi-26 Ka-32 Ka-226 IL-76 Tu-204 An-148 Il-114 Be-200 Boeing Airbus

NASKD-200 is a proven testing solution capable of testing wide range of avionics:

Flight and navigation equipment

Aerometric instruments and air signal systems

Radio communication equipment

Radar equipment

Display equipment

Electrical equipment

Light equipment

Power plant



Air conditioning

Cabin pressure control

Where NASKD-200 is used

Repair & Overhaul Operation

  • Maintenance

    — Scheduled maintenance

    — Unscheduled on-demand testing

  • Incoming inspection in repair & overhaul and operation

  • Faults isolation and troubleshooting

  • Adjustment & tuning

Production and development

  • Component manufacturer

    — Simulation of various modes for development

    — Adjustment for production

    — Acceptance testing

  • Aircraft & Helicopters manufacturers: Incoming inspection

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